A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition

Revolutionary Data Strategies To Accelerate Digital Transformation & Boost Profitability Through

Pioneering Data Innovations & Strategies & Value-Adding Tech To Transform Business Processes In Financial Services

Discover The Latest, Exciting Developments In Automation & AI, Dig Tools & Tech & FinTechs To Leverage Data Into Tangible Actions & Meaningful Results – Ensure Your Data Is Fully Compliant & Mitigating Regulatory Risks – Overhaul Your Data Storage By Navigating The Move To Cloud & Prepare For The Next Steps Of Open Finance

Conference Programme

One America Square, central London, 20th June 2023

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Lydia Buttinger, Global Head of Shared Services, Risk & Compliance, abrdn

Digital Tools & Tech Innovations

Digital Disruptors

09.10 Which Financial Services Digital Innovators Are Optimising The Latest Digital Innovations & Pioneering Tools & Technologies To Become Leaders In Digital Data & Supercharging Business Strategy?
  • Establish a digital fluency foundation for organisational transformation with healthy data analysis to assert your position as the innovative digital bank of the 21st century
  • Automate the capture and maintenance of metadata to empower your employees and ensure an external confidence level in your organisation that retains client loyalty
  • As regulations apply evermore to digital onboarding and online banking, cost-effectively mitigate risks of data to ensure compliance

Aysara Yusupova, Regional Head of Deployment, Europe & Americas – Digital Channels & Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank

Impactful Automation, AI & ML



09.30 Explore New Ways To Leverage AI & Shift Internal Mindsets Around Automation As A Cost-Saving Measure To Reduce Workloads, Reliably Report Data & Drive Exceptional Top-Line Growth
  • How are banks and financial services institutions applying AI on a practical level to run ground-breaking data models which deliver winning insights and forecasts that innovate business intelligence?
  • Explore new methods to maximise the use of synthetic data to mask AI and ML models and augment your data to guarantee statistically accurate and secure visualisation results that provide actionable analysis
  • Broaden your data steps to ensure compliant, secure, quality foundation tools that result in more efficient big data management and usage of automation to propel business transformation

Raluca Ruscanu, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Testing, American Express

Hussain Shehryar Humayun, Audit Director – Applications, Data & Applied Sciences, Lloyds Banking Group

Alexander Fisher, Director, Strategic Intelligence, High Risk Client Unit | Group Conduct & Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank

James Blagg, Chief Data Officer, Principality

Andrew Jones, Principal Engineer, GoCardless

Fredrik Thuring, Head of Operational Analytics, Tryg Insurance

10.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Fredrik Thuring, Head of Operational Analytics, Tryg Insurance

Monetising Analytics & Actionable Insights

10.20 Best Practice For Visualising & Using Your Data To Develop Analytics Excellence That Propels Monetisation Strategies

  • Effectively scrutinise data sets to deliver predictive analytics forecasts that inform CFOs and CIOs for value-driven business intelligence actions that drive performance
  • How to create business-critical bundled products and solutions that spark revolutionary usage of complex data sets and allow deciphering of insights and trends to boost profits
  • As FinTechs continue to change the state of the financial landscape, understand lessons from their modernised approach to data and how this encourages sustained top-line growth and promotes internal buy-in

Pavan Modi, Senior Data & Analytics Manager (DS and ML), Nationwide Building Society

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Innovative Data Strategies

Practical Insights

11.25 Grasp How Data Teams Can Support All Departments To Define An Effective Data Strategy In Your Overall Quest For Better Outcomes To Gain A Lasting Competitive Advantage
  • Re-architect your finance data analysis to evolve with today’s global economy to tackle wider business risks and challenges across the organisation
  • Design and map a data model which can master data values, visualise design decisions, and assess how iterations can impact internal and external reporting for cost-effective profitability
  • What is the best way to organise your data and what are the best innovations to ensure this will feed into and marry up with a successful business strategy for organisational transformation?
  • Business-critical insights to involve stakeholders to understand the impacts of data decisions to validate investment and improve data efficiencies

11.25 Helen Packard, Data Strategy Lead, Financial Conduct Authority

11.45 Tudor Urseiu, Director, Head of Data Management, First Bank SA

12.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Critical Regulatory Compliance

12.20 Understand The Scope & Impact Of Fast-Changing Legislation To Guarantee Your Business Practices & Guarantee You Are Compliant & Safeguard Your Business Interests
  • Determine which upcoming regulations will have an immediate effect on your data strategies in order to effectively manage and protect the company’s data assets and risks
  • Are regulations limiting innovation? Discuss cost-effective methods to refresh your data management strategies while not impacting compliance
  • Review smarter ways to standardise the handling of data in order to build resilience and flexibly adapt to new regulations on the horizon

Christopher Barbarić, Crew Product Lead – Data Crew – Market Regulation Stream, UBS

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Legacy Systems

b) Forecasting

c) Transaction Monitoring

d) Data Protection & Digital Information Bill

e) Metadata

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Winning Data Quality & Governance



13.50 Rubbish In, Rubbish Out: Empower Data Teams & Owners To Monitor & Responsibly Take True Ownership Of Their Own Data Quality To Guarantee The Best Possible Approach To Your Overall Business Governance Goals & Improve Your Data Capabilities
  • Implement a business-critical democratisation data culture within your organisation to innovate data literacy and ensure every employee is capable of delivering perfect data
  • How can data governance teams build trust and equip staff with relevant tools to keep track of data ownership when implementing data services and pipelines to guarantee exceptional quality?
  • As data governance expands to impact all levels of financial organisations, explore best practices to upscale synergy between analysts and operations that generate organisation-wide engagement
  • Own your data lineage to improve the flow of your data feed and enhance your product outcomes and interpretations

Samaroha Das, Director of IT & Transformation Risk, Metro Bank

Cagri Onur, Data Governance Lead, CIBC

Joanne Biggadike, Head of Data Governance, Hastings Direct

Filip Franzén, Senior Risk Data Analyst, Handelsbanken

Helen Cullis, Data Governance Manager, Funding Circle UK

Watertight Data Privacy & Customer Protection

Secure CX

14.25 Understand How You Can Use Client & Customer Data & What Their Expectations Are So You Can Build Long-Term Trust & Protect Profits & Revenues
  • Customers and clients are looking for more convenience, but are increasingly wary of what you are doing with their data… recognise changing expectations on democratisation to guarantee lifetime trust of your data management
  • How as a financial institution do you make sure that you are continually monitoring the life of a customer whilst keeping within your risk appetite and fighting data breaches?
  • Tailor innovative products and services around tightening regulations of what data institutions can access and store on customers to safeguard long-term profits and revenues

Mary Reuben, Vice President – Team Head, Financial Crime & Regulatory Compliance Audits, Bank of China

14.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Cloud & Data Warehousing



Ground-Breaking Integration & Innovation Insights

15.00 There Is No One Cloud… Hear The Latest Strategies For Moving Data From On-Prem & Implementing Secure, Private & Reliable Cloud Strategy
  • Data mesh is significantly changing how organisations solve their data problems, learn where banks are on their cloud journey to benchmark your own practices
  • Data lakes and warehouses… understand the differences, how the two work together and connect with ML tools to innovate your data storage and business intelligence
  • Overnight price rises, blackouts, cyber security… how to protect your business and forward plan to mitigate against cloud-associated risks
  • How do you standardise your cloud to clearly comply with regulation so that you can run all analysis models and obtain the beneficial insights you desire without the legal headaches?

Cristina Gil-Sevilla, Head of Client Data Science, Schroders

Konstantina Kapetanidi, Head of Business Intelligence – Client Insights Unit, Schroders

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

AML, Fraud & Financial Crime

Real World Examples

16.00 In A New Normal Where Cash Is No Longer King, Benchmark Your AML & Financial Crime Data Infrastructures To Ensure Robust & Secure Methods To Protect Your Clients & Customers & Mitigate Disruption
  • As scammers undertake social engineering online for push payments, understand business-critical threats and concerns surrounding big tech entering financial services and innovate to safeguard customer data and your institution’s reputation
  • Where can data science aid financial institutions in their transaction monitoring and is there a more cost-efficient method of utilising data within AML in the digital age?
  • A regulatory minefield… enhance your security with case studies of what the financial repercussions could be for your institution if you do not follow sufficient steps to protect client data

Future Of Open Finance

16.20 Insurance? Pensions? Loans? Mortgages? As Open Finance Decides Where It Is Going Next, Understand How We Have Evolved From Open Banking & Get The Inside Track To Ensure You Are Prepared For The Next Steps
  • Understand how TPPs gaining access to a wider scope of customer data will lead to the creation of more innovative, personalised products to cement your place in the evolving market
  • How do you mature your API connectivity to branch into open finance and gain fresh perspectives and insights into the algorithmic value of your data for organisational transformation?
  • Broader monetisation of data impacts your sovereignty… benchmark and manage that data flow against regulatory guidelines so you don’t get left behind and continue to grow

Paige Tran, Lead Product Analyst, Zilch Technology Ltd

16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference